Civil is a community based game, and always will be. It has been made clear that games like this are nothing without the support of the community, as well as a strong team to create and work together.

Until mid-2019, Civil: The Game has been a 1 man project. A game of this scale is absolutely impossible to design with only one person. This is where you come in! A form (which can be found here) has been opened to applicants interested in joining the development team.

Applicants are signing up for a voluntary position. This means team members will be uncompensated as the game grows, and any collected funds will be reinvested towards Civil. These positions are offered to those truly dedicated enough to take some time out of their day to create content for the game.

The team is a friendly and laid back group of people. We would love to see you take the time to apply! Fill out this form if you are interested! You will be contacted after your information is reviewed.