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Hang out with friends in an immersive world! Go to the urban cities and grab a cup of coffee or take a vacation to the wilderness with your friends. The world features many areas, including cities, neighborhoods, deserts, beaches, forests, the arctic, and more!



In the world of Civil, the goal is to be the best. Find a job and work to the top in a battle to the top of the economy! Create an organization, join a business, or invest in the marketplace.



Civil becomes massively competitive for players at the top of the leaderboard. Join the side of crime, join the side of politics, and get rich. But be careful, the higher on the board you are, the more of a target you become to the other side.


The Game Of Life

A world of endless possibilities. Start your digital life in this multiplayer RPG, a game that implements the fun aspects of a social, survival, or tycoon game. Play with friends, work your way to the top, and get rich!

HOW DOES IT WORK? Civil: The Game is a competitive game. Players are ranked based on their actions, which is scored with something called "Karma." A player's Karma Score decides things like what jobs they can get, how well they perform in their jobs, and also how good or bad they are. A player with K0 is a neutral player, and one with K100 is a good player. However, Karma isn't just for the good guys. A player with K-100 is a criminal player.

Criminals can kill good players and their karma score will continue to grow on the negative scale. As you can guess, good players can kill or arrest Criminals to grow their karma as well. Karma also grows by doing job-related tasks, such as a mailman delivering mail, or a criminal selling "bad guy stuff."

The more Karma a player has, the more likely they are to promote up the leaderboard and collect more money! The more you play, you can buy houses, pets, cars, clothes, furniture, and more! Players can also invest in private marketplaces and collect rare items, or start their own organizations.

In the world of Civil, anything can happen!

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